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ML is an abbreviation of the word Motherland. The brand's journey began through its distinctive caps whilst beginning to expand the iconic apparel to include stylish clothing that embraces minimalist yet fresh classic designs. At ML we are about promoting the rich content of Africa with fashionable clothing.

"Embrace the Motherland in Style"

In February 2017 our Founder travelled to the stunning terrains of Ghana with his father.  The timing of this trip could not have been more appropriate as it would be the first and last time they would both travel together. The loss of his father has played a huge role in his journey mentally and physically, bringing him closer to his native country.


Inspired by his father he aims to transform the lives of youth in Africa through charity work and embracing the spirit of some of the world’s most underappreciated youth.


One of the main aims for creating ML was to crystallise his father's ethos of life which is to work hard in what you believe in.


ML as a brand aims to restore hope, dignity and reflect the beauty of Africa whilst encouraging the development of continental entrepreneurship.

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